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主题演讲与手术演示Session 1: Topic presentation and Live Case (4月13日)

  • 华伟 : 中国希浦系统起搏发展的思考和展望Prospection and Thinking of HPCSP in China
  • Roderick Tung : 希氏束起搏左束支传导阻滞纠正的机制Mechanism of LBBB correction with HBP
  • 讨论/Discussion
  • P. Vijayaraman : 希氏束起搏: 现在和未来His-bundle pacing: Present and Future
  • Gaurav Upadhyay : 心衰伴左束支传导阻滞患者的希氏束起搏治疗HBP in HF patients with LBBB
  • 黄伟剑 : 左束支区域起摶的特征和定义探讨Definition and characteristics of LBBAP

开幕式Opening Ceremony (4月13日)

  • 嘉宾致辞及全体合影Opening speeches and Group photo

专题讲座和病例汇报Session 2: Seminars and mini-talk (4月13日)

  • 邹建刚 : 心脏同步化的定义,评价手段和临床价值Definition, evaluation and clinical outcome of CRT
  • 讨论/Discussion
  • 傅国胜 : ICD植入患者的希浦系起搏运用和注意事项HPSP in ICD indicated patients and some terms of notes
  • 刘兴鹏 : 希浦系解剖和电生理基础Anatomy and EP basics of His-purkinje conduction system
  • Mini-talk and Case Report
  • 李述峰 : PLSVC的HBP植入HBP in patients with PLSVC
  • 讨论/Discussion
  • 傅发源 : 3830导线在小儿起搏患者中的应用体会Application of 3830 lead in pacemaker implantation of children
  • 讨论/Discussion
  • 单其俊 : 左束支区域起搏电极微穿孔的造影特征The Angiogram Characteristic of Lead Micro-perforation in Patients with Left Bundle Area Pacing
  • 孙志军 : 心衰合并房颤治疗一例A case of treatment for heart failure with atrial fibrillation
  • 顾敏 : 解剖和放射标志指导下的希氏束起搏Permanent His-bundle Pacing Guided by Anatomic and Radiographic Landmarks

手术演示直播Live Case Demonstrations (4月13日)

  • P. Vijayaraman,黄伟剑 : 手术演示1
  • P. Vijayaraman,黄伟剑 : 手术演示2
  • 苏蓝 : 手术演示3

热点辩论和病例汇报Session 3: Debate and mini-talk (4月13日)

  • 热点辩论Debate
  • 辩题一:典型完左的心衰病人 首选HBP VS 首选 BVP
  • 辩题二: AVB患者LBB pacing可以完全替代HBP 可以 VS 不可以
  • Mini-talk and case report
  • 蔡彬妮 : 左束支起区域搏单中心经验分享 A single center experience of LBBP
  • 张俊蒙 : 无心腔内多导仪指导的左束支区域起搏病例报告The Case of Left Bundle Branch Area Pacing without Direction of Intracardiac Electrograms
  • 杜荣增 : 心室起搏依赖伴EF下降升级LBB区域起搏一例One case of upgrade to peri-LBB pacing for ventricular pacing independence with low EF
  • 钱彩珍 : 左束支起搏治疗完左合并心功能不全~4例随访 LBBP for patients with LBBB and heart failure: follow-up of 4 cases
  • 手术演示插播Live Case Demonstrations

专题讲座和病例汇报Session 4: Seminars and mini-talk (4月13日)

  • 周晓红 : 希浦系统起搏的解剖和生理基础Anatomy and physiology of His-Purkinje conduction system.
  • 邱春光 : 希氏束起搏的急性血流动力学检测Acute hemodynamic assessment of HBP
  • 范洁 : 血管内超声在左束支区域起搏中的应用Application of IVUS in peri-LBBP
  • 讨论/Discussion
  • Mini-talk and Case report
  • 戴研 : 左束支起搏的临床应用病例分享Case reports: the feasibility and outcome of LBB pacing
  • Karol Curila : 非选择性HBP和选择性HBP的在心室激动的相似性Nonselective His bundle pacing is associated with a similar pattern of electrical ventricular activation as selective His bundle pacing.
  • 赵冬冬 : 希氏束&左束支起搏单中心经验分享Single-center experience of HBP & LBBP
  • 讨论/Discussion
  • 秦胜梅 : HBP治疗CRT无反应病例 HBP in CRT nonresponse

专题讲座和病例汇报Session 5: Seminars and mini-talk (4月13日)

  • Parikshit S. Sharma : 希氏束起搏植入技巧:全方位解决His bundle pacing techniques: Soup to nuts
  • 汪菁峰 : 当LBB起搏遇上“起搏融合自身传导”程序,该如何处理?How to deal with the collision between LBBA pacing and a novel algorithm characterized by pacing fused with intrinsic conduction?
  • 杨中平 : SelectSecure 3830电极导线和植入方式以及在希氏束起搏中的应用3830 Lead and Delivery System design and application for His Bundle Pacing
  • 讨论/Discussion
  • Mini-talk and Case report
  • 徐原宁 : 左束支起搏位点:近端还是远端?Left bundle branch area pacing site:Proximal or Distal?
  • 于海波 : 双腔起搏器治疗心力衰竭伴希浦氏系统传导病变的潜在价值Potential value of dual-chamber pacemaker in the treatment of heart failure patients with His-Purkinje conduction disease
  • 王静 : 左束支起搏通过频率适应性房室延迟实现心脏再同步化治疗Usefulness of Left Bundle Branch Pacing to Achieve CRT by Rate-Adaptive Atrioventricular Delay

手术演示插播 (4月14日)

  • 手术演示4
  • 手术演示5
  • 黄伟剑 : 手术演示6

专题讲座和病例汇报Session 6: Seminars and mini-talk (4月14日)

  • 徐伟 : 左束支区域起搏在经静脉导线拔除中的应用---单中心经验分享LBBA pacing for transvenous lead extraction: single-center experience
  • 讨论/Discussion
  • 陈日新 : 希浦系统起搏的血液动力学和同步性研究Hemodynamics and Synchronization of HPSP
  • 讨论/Discussion
  • P. Vijayaraman : 希浦系统起搏-悬而未决的问题:研究的机遇HPSCP-Unanswered questions: Opportunities for research.
  • 讨论/Discussion
  • Parikshit S. Sharma : 希氏束起搏在心衰合并右束支传导阻滞患者中的应用:模式转移His Bundle Pacing in Heart Failure and RBBB: A paradigm shift
  • 讨论/Discussion
  • 苏蓝 : 希浦系统起搏的程控和问题解决Device programming and trouble-shooting of HPSP
  • 讨论/Discussion

病例专场(一)Mini-talk and case report (4月14日)

  • 田颖 : HOT-CRT一例A case of HOT-CRT
  • 讨论/Discussion
  • 沈敏 : 电极拔除后左束支起搏一例A case of LBBP after lead extraction
  • 讨论/Discussion
  • 陈样新 : 射血分数保留心衰的LBBP初探LBBP in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction
  • 讨论/Discussion
  • 鲁静朝 : 心房静止的左束支区域起搏一例A case of peri-LBB pacing associated with atrial silence
  • 讨论/Discussion
  • 王骏 : His起搏纠正CLBBB晚期阈值升高一例Late threshold elevation of a patient with CLBBB corrected by HBP: a case report
  • 讨论/Discussion
  • 唐艺加 : 当CRT患者的左室电极植入有更多选择时:经冠状静脉起搏还是左束支区域起搏?When we have more choices for patients who need CRT: LV-CS or LV-LBBP?
  • 讨论/Discussion
  • 唐欧杉 : 缓室率房颤伴Ebstein畸形his起搏升级一例Upgrade from VVI to his bundle pacing in an AF patient with slow ventricular rate and Ebstein's anomaly
  • 讨论/Discussion
  • 王海雄 : 左束支起搏或左室间隔部起搏在心梗患者中的应用Left bundle branch pacing or left ventricular septal pacing in patients with myocardial infarction

Coffee with the Legends: P. Vijayaraman & Weijian Huang 手术技巧及热点讨论 (4月14日)

病例专场(二)Session 7: Mini-talk and case report (4月14日)

  • 方咸宏 : 是继续前旋还是另辟蹊径To go ahead or try another way
  • 讨论/Discussion
  • 韩宏伟 : 都能纠正LBBB,选择HBP还是LBBP?Which is a better choice to correct LBBB, HBP or LBBP?
  • 讨论/Discussion
  • 邱朝晖 : “强强”联合尚待改良—LBBP纠正CLBBB心衰应用adaptivCRT算法一例LBB pacing correcting a CLBBB heart failure case with adaptive CRT algorithm:good or not good enough
  • 陈琦 : 左束支区域起搏在心力衰竭患者中的临床应用--来自单中心的经验分享Clinical Application of Left Bundle Branch Regional Pacing in Patients with Heart Failure—a single center experience
  • 王磊 : 经重度狭窄左侧头臂静脉升级his起搏1例Upgrading to His bundle pacing through severe stenosis of left branchiocephalic vein: a case report
  • 叶炀 : 希浦系统起搏纠正LBBB心衰-对跨越阻滞点的思考His bundle system pacing corrects classical LBBB in heart failure patients -Just beyond the block site
  • 董颖雪 : 希氏束起搏纠正完全左束支阻滞术中右束支损伤延迟恢复一例A case of delayed recovery of right bundle branch injury in HBP for correcting CLBBB
  • 江隆福 : 泛谈左束支区域起搏Brief probe into left bundle branch area pacing
  • 屠晓鸣 : CRT +LBBP处理室内传导阻滞一例CRT+LBBP for intraventricular conduction delay: a case report
  • 赵璐露 : 双腔起搏器左束支起搏实现CRT一例Left bundle branch pacing with dual chamber pacemaker to achieve CRT
  • 彭景添 : 左束支起搏影像及电生理分析-附一例报道Image and electrophysiological analysis of left bundle branch pacing: a case report
  • 吴圣杰 : 左束支区域起搏用于起搏介导心肌病一例left bundle branch area pacing in a patient with right ventricular pacing-induced cardiomyopathy: a case report
  • 董逢泉 : HBP纠正完左一例A Case of His Bundle Pacing Reversing Physiologic Conduction in a Patient with CLBBB
  • 张云燕 : 左束支区域起搏应用于CRTD1例A case of LBBA pacing for CRTD